Great Spring Equinox activation.

On March 26th we will perform a great activation of body, soul and spirit, in alignment with the Spring Cycle of the northern hemisphere. We will work on the three pillar aspects of the incarnated human to align ourselves with who we really are in essence and thus be able to work on the connection to the Center of the Earth and to the Cosmic Energy.

This activation aims to widen the connection channel that we already are by nature and transform us into a receiving and transmitting antenna of information from both heaven and earth.

The activation is simple but powerful. No great techniques or complicated exercises are needed, the simpler the easier it is to penetrate the essence.

The most important thing is to be present here and now, in the moment.

Participants are required to understand this day as a mini retreat. All exercises will be guided and no preparation is required.

We will work on the three aspects: body, soul and spirit with intermediate pauses in which we ask to maintain introspection, meditative state and to speak as little as possible. During the pauses we can take short walks in nature, sit by a tree, by the water, meditate or whatever we feel necessary at that moment, following our inner guidance.

During the day we will not consume food, however it is important to listen to our own body, if the body asks for it, there will be fruit available. We will drink tea and water.
This retreat has been channeled. However, the practical part is a test, so we do not yet know how long each activation will last. We are assuming that we will take the whole day for the retreat.


Today more than ever it is of vital importance that we, human beings, reconnect with our essence as cosmic beings, incarnated on earth. Ascension can only occur when we take impulse, just as an athlete takes impulse to jump. In our ankles and knees is the information that each of us as an individual needs to launch ourselves.

There are no standard methods that work for all of us. There are guides and there is advice or information that can serve us, but they only serve us to connect with our heart and find our essence. For only from the essence we can move towards the ascencion or expansion of consciousness. We are intrinsically connected to the consciousness of the planet. For us to be able to “ascend” to the 5th dimension, the planet must do it too.

REMEMBER: we are not on gaia, WE ARE GAIA.

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