The Way of The Soul

Change is occurring rapidly in the last few years. The seemingly opposing forces are polarizing. This is normal, breathe. Nothing abnormal is happening.

You go up and down in waves of emotions, from absolute happiness to the deepest depression, from anger to joy, from love to suffering …. breathe, this is normal.

As it is inside so it is outside.
The world is polarized and so are we. The world and its individuals are going through a process without precedent in our history.

Evolutionary codes are being activated in our PHYSICAL BODY within a crumbling system. This is also an apparent opposition.

We live in duality and this is real, but we also live in another place at the same time, the place of the Soul, which often goes unnoticed.


We have the tools to connect with that world at our fingertips. To “enter” the world of the Soul is to activate a frequency of vibration in our body that allows us to perceive more broadly. It is like tuning the radio to another channel.

The Channel was always here, we just didn’t know the movement necessary to tune in to it.


The Higher Self is a helper that connects us with the Soul, with our own Soul, but also with the Collective Soul of the Planet and all its sentient beings.
When we begin to live the way of the Soul our environment changes, the effort begins to fade, the world “helps” us to get what we want, because the world needs awakened souls to evolve. Another way to understand this is that we become the conscious co-creators of realities.

These are concepts and concepts are limited to reason. The way of the soul exceeds reason, although it can make use of it.

Only you can decide for yourself to connect with your Higher Self and your Soul, you are free. I can simply help your physical body to tune into higher vibrations to empower you.

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